>Republican Candidate for Middletown Committee Interview

>I just pick up a copy of this weeks Courier and was surprised to see that Republican Candidate for Township Committee, Anthony “Tony” Fiore submitted to an interview. Why am I surprised you ask? I am surprised because the Middletown GOP considers the Courier to be a rag and not worth the paper that it is printed on.

It is a standard, run of the mill, softball interview with the normal “Get to know you background stuff” written by the Couriers Melissa Gaffney, it’s worth checking out the video.

It seems that Mr. Fiore grew up in Carteret, went to Carteret High School where he on the baseball and football teams, then attended Rutgers University where he received a degree in Political Science. Currently Mr. Fiore works for Prudential as a group benefits specialist. He moved to Middletown several years ago, is married and has one child. Anthony Fiore is currently a member of the Middletown Planning Board.

I am sure that you will be hearing a lot more from me in the future about Mr. Fiore and his run for office.

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