Township Committee Opposed to Bamm Hollow Country Club Efforts to Force Community To Rezone Property

Just posted on the Middletown Township website is a letter to the public explaining how Bamm Hollow Country Club  is attempting to strong-arm  the township into an approval to rezone their grounds so that a residential housing development can be built on the site.

Bamm Hollow is questioning the township’s use of RCA’s to transfer some of it’s affordable housing obligations to Lakewood.  
Middletown entered into an agreement with Lakewood to transfer 98 housing units at a cost of $20,000 each.  These are units that Lakewood desperately needs and wants, however the problem is that since this agreement the cost per units have increased to $35,000 per unit.
Bamm Hollow wants to make sure that Middletown pays the higher costs in order to make their  proposed housing development more attractive to for the township to approve.
My thoughts on this are simple, I think that the township has every right to be outraged about this! This is a sneaky and underhanded attempt by Bamm Hollow Country Club to circumvent the zoning process. It is also going to cost Middletown taxpayers millions of dollars if Bamm Hollow is aloud to get away with it.
 However, this problem to some extent is Middletown’s fault. When the original agreement with Red Bank was in place (see letter), Middletown never transferred the funds to Red Bank, which caused Red Bank to then find another RCA source.    
click onto the headline to read the letter yourself.        

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