>Gas prices fuel some skipped first aid calls

>The Asbury Park Press is reporting that the high cost of gas is causing some members of the Holmdel First Aid Squad to miss calls for help. It seems that a number of the First Aider’s are on fixed incomes and can not afford to respond to calls.
Officials in town are stating however, that all emergency calls are being responded to and that no one is currently in danger.

This seems like a real problem, how long before the public becomes effected? And is this an isolated situation or are other towns in the Bayshore experiencing the same problems? I would like to know because something needs to be done about it before some one dies.

Is it possible for towns to reimburse some of the fuel costs to their emergency responders, maybe $20-$25 dollars a month or maybe on a per mileage, per call basis ? I don’t know, but this issue needs to be looked at if towns are going to rely on volunteers to provide emergency services.

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