US suffers heavy Afghan losses

This is breaking news from the BBC.

Nine US soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan, in one of the biggest losses of life in a single incident since operations there began in 2001.
The troops died when insurgents attacked a military outpost in the north-eastern province of Kunar, close to the border with Pakistan.
To me this is truly sad to hear and it hit home personally, my nephew returned home after a 15 month tour in Afghanistan a few months ago. He will be State side for 12 months before possibly having to return to Afghanistan  or Iraq.
It is a shame that we had lost the real focus of the war on terror by invading Iraq and then neglected the mission in Afghanistan.
I can only hope that when the new presidential administration takes office, whether it be Democratic or Republican, that it refocuses efforts in Afghanistan to bring hostilities there to an end.
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