Fiore’s fibs Worst then Expected

I couldn’t wait till tomorrow to read what Melissa Gaffney had to say about Anthony Fiore at the Courier online so I just picked up the hard copy a little while ago. After reading Melissa’s report,I found the facts to be  much worst then expected.

It seems that Fiore, who stated in Melissa’s original interview, that he had a “solid history” in recreation spent only the summer months of June-August of 1999 employed by the recreation department of Linden. His position there was as “playground director” which paid him a whopping $11 an hour and it seems that the only qualifications needed to hold this position is to have attended high school gym class or to have participated in little league.
As for Carteret, he spent a few weeks of the summer of 2000 working for the Department of Recreation there, however he had no job title and earned about $104 – after taxes- for the whole summer! And according to the assistant municipal clerk, there is no employment file for Mr. Fiore because he was only considered temporary summer help.  
Did the Middletown GOP know any of this before they made Mr. Fiore, Deputy Mayor Brightbill’s running mate for reelection this year?  Who was responsible for screening his candidacy? This situation is certainly a black eye for the Middletown Republicans and I can’t wait to see who is going to take the hit on this one.
Anthony Fiore should do the noble thing, stop the bleeding before it is to late and resign as a candidate for Township Committee, as well as his seat on the Planning Board.
Photo courtesy of the Courier

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