Middletown GOP Candidate for Township Committee- Tony Fiore caught in LIE

Melissa Gaffney is reporting on her blog this morning that Middletown Republican candidate for Township Committee Anthony “Tony” Fiore lied to her while being interviewed for an article that was published in the June 5th edition of the Courier.

It seems as though Mr. Fiore lied about being the Director of Recreation for both the townships of Carteret and Linden while attending college.
Melissa did some background work and found out that while working as summer help in Linden, Fiore was given a title of “Playground Director”, not the title of Director of Recreation. In Carteret he had no official title at all.
So why would Anthony Fiore feel it necessary to lie about his experiences to a reporter, conducting a rather softball interview for the Courier? Who was he trying to impress and did he think that he could really get away with such a thing?
If Fiore is willing to pass along false information about himself in such away, how can the residents of Middletown trust him to sit on the Township Committee if elected in November?
Mr. Fiore needs to end his candidacy for the Township Committee and explain to us what he was thinking when he thought that he could pass these falsehoods off as facts.  
Anthony Fiore should also step down from his position on the Middletown Planning Board
Click on the headline to read Melissa’s Sable Minded post about Anthony Fiore 

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