Has Fiore’s fibs cost Nelson?

I generally do not like to deal in rumor or innuendo but I have heard from a reliable source that Middletown Republican underboss Brian Nelson has fallen out of favor with Republican Party Chairman Peter Carton.

It seems as though Carton has been under extreme pressure from higher ups in the party to win this year and retain control of the Middletown Township Committee or else.

For years now it has been alleged, that Carton is nothing more than a figurehead to the Middletown GOP and its true leader was Brian Nelson. It has been Nelson’s responsibility to run the daily activities and campaigns of the Middletown GOP over the past few years and with the stunning loses that the Republicans have experienced in the last two elections and control of the township committee in jeopardy, their long time friendship may have come to an end.

Both men work for the same Newark law firm, Gibbons, Del Doe, Dolan, Griffinger & Vecchione and it has been alleged that Peter Carton may have pushed Nelson out the door and onto the unemployment line.

It seems as though the final straw that may have broken Nelson’s back and his long time relationship with Peter Carton has been the recent controversy surrounding Middletown Republican Candidate for Township Committee, Anthony Fiore and his exaggerated resume`.

It was extremely important this year for the GOP to have a candidate that would not rock the boat and who would help Pamela Brightbill with her reelection. It was Nelson’s job to perform the candidate search and investigate Fiore’s background thoroughly, unfortunately this did not happen, possibly due to his familiarity with Fiore and his position on the Middletown Planning Board.

Who will Peter Carton find to replace Brian Nelson? Only time will tell, more importantly though is who will Carton find to replace Anthony Fiore?

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