The Fiore Resumé Surfaces

Check out Melissa Gaffney’s post over at her SableMinded blog. It seems as though she got a hold of the resumé which Anthony Fiore submitted to the Township for inclusion into it’s Talent Bank program.

For people that do not know what the Talent Bank is, it’s resumés that are submitted to the township for consideration of inclusion onto various volunteer boards and commissions within the Township. Examples of such boards or commissions would be the Safety Committee,Human Rights Commission or in Fiore’s case, the Planning Board. Most, if not all of the posistions on the various boards and commissions are filled by politically connected individuals in town.

If you take a look at Fiore’s resumé, it is amazing that he was even considered at all for a position, let alone the mother of all boards, the Planning Board, his resumé is totaly devoid of facts or explanations of experiance. It seems that he holds to the belief that less is more, much of what he has listed is nothing more than fluff.

Keep in mind that Fiore is 31 years old and some of his experiances do not seem plausible:

A member of the Carteret Recreation Commission 1995-1997 (in fact may have held just a summer job.)
A member of the Carteret Human Relations Commission 1997 (he was 20 yrs. old??)
A member of NJ Federation of Baseball Umpirers 1995-2001 (umpired Little League games?)
Sargent-at-Arms for the Carteret Republican Municiple Committee 1997-2001 (at 20yrs old ?)
Carteret Republican Municipal Chairman 2002-2003 (at 23yrs.old)

How did any of this make Anthony Fiore qualified to sit on the Planning Board or run for Township Committee? The Middletown GOP has a big problem on their hands and needs to fix it.

Click on the headline to read Melissa’s blog and to see Anthony Fiore’s resumé for yourself.

(Image courtsey of the Courier)

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