>Yet another adds his voice to the MoreMonmouthMusings "N" word Controversy

>Also received last night via a personal email is the following statement from a good family friend of mine Tony Orsini. The last I heard, Tony is the Municipal Chairman of  Holmdel’s Democratic Committee. 

Tony also wanted me to pass along his comments about Art Gallahger the readers of this blog:
How would Mr. Gallagher feel about someone saying this to him: “Do
you know what the difference is between an Irish funeral and an
Irish wedding? One less drunk.”

There’s still a big difference between calling someone a subhuman
slave versus a drunk. Anyone can be called a drunk and there’s no
historical, anthropological or sociological context. Anyone who
knows anything about history realizes it is hurtful, degrading, and
suggestive of some sort of genetic inferiority.

I guess Mr. Gallagher has no African-American friends who can
explain this to him. No surprises there. He might be made to
realize that they are more intelligent than he is.

Mr. Gallagher, don’t freak out because Mr. Obama might be our next
Prez: genetically, Obama is actually 51% white…you know, like
Derek Jeter.

I refer him to Lincoln: “It’s better to shut up and make people think you’re stupid rather than open your mouth and remove all doubt.”
Thanks Tony for lending your voice to this debate.

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