>Middletown’s Mayor calls for Human Rights Commission to meet about "N" word controversy

>Middletown’s Mayor Gerry Scharfenberger asked the Middletown Human Rights Commission to hold a special meeting last night to discuss the controversy surrounding Art Gallagher and his blog, MoreMonmouthMusings’s sloppy attempt at race relations.

I arrived at Town Hall late and unfortunately had to leave early due to family concerns, but I that the Human Rights Commission was shocked and appalled at what it heard from the meeting attendees. 
In attendance was Lorenzo “Bill” Dangler, President of Long Branch chapter of the NAACP, who wanted to make it clear that under no circumstances what so ever would it be appropriate to say the “N” word and that Gallagher’s words were offensive and hurtful. 
From what I understand the Commission will make a report  condemning Art Gallagher and his blog for his ill conceived attempt to address the use of the “N” word and race relations. The Commission will then present  a recommendation to the Mayor which would ask him to denounce Art and his MoreMonmouthMusings blog. 
The meeting was also covered by the Courier’s Melissa Gaffney so I am sure that you will be able get a better idea of what exactly happened at the meeting by reading about it in the Courier or by reading her SableMinded blog shortly.

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