Chesapeake watermen fear blue crab not coming back

One of my summer pleasures is to spend a day or two during crabbing season with my sons along the bay dropping crab pots into the water and seeing what are efforts return. This year however I have not been able to make it out. 

So when I saw this story online at  Yahoo news about how the watermen along the Chesapeake bay are struggling to make a living because it seems that the blue crabs are disappearing, I started to ask a few of my co-workers who also enjoy crabbing season how the local blue claw catch has been.
I was told that the crabbing is slow and what has been caught is relatively small for the time of year, much like what was mentioned in the Yahoo article. I certainly hope that this is not true. It would be a great shame and tragedy if the blue crabs disappear from our waters.
If anyone wishes to comment on their own recent crabbing experiences this summer i would love to hear from you. I am very curious to see if the crabbing in the bayshore region is as bad as what is happening along the Chesapeake.
You can click on the headline to read the story about the Chesapeake watermen at Yahoo    

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