Tony "the fibber" Fiore passing along yet another falsehood

Tony “the fibber” Fiore is at it again. The Republican Candidate for Middletown Township Committee is passing along falsehoods as if they were facts. 

This time out instead of passing a long a puffed up resume’ and miss representing himself as something he is not, he is trying to link his opponents in this years upcoming election to the COAH controversy.
In a recent letter that has been published on the Atlantic Highlands Herald  website, Fiore states that his Democratic opponents for Township Committee back the proposed changes to COAH, which would have a huge negitive impact on Middletown.
This is not true and is yet another attempt by him and the Middletown GOP to try and take the heat way from themselves for totally miss-handling the issue for the past 25 years.
The Middletown Democratic Candidates, Patricia Walsh and Jim Grenafege, have not come out in support of the recent legislation that was passed by the Statehouse  and signed into law by Governor Corzine . They have in fact expressed their concerns over the issue and what the impact will mean to Middletown.
It should be note, that Matt Morehead, the Chairman of the Bayshore Young Democrats, is working alone on this issue. The Middletown Democratic Committee’s position on this issue, as far as I am aware is, that the Republican majority has miss handled the issue and now the Township must work within the guidelines of the law.
Instead of passing along false information Tony, how about addressing your resume’ and the miss information you have passed off as facts? As far as know, Melissa Gaffney and the Courier are still waiting to see documentation to prove your experiences that are on your resume’ are legit and not just fluff. 
How about it Tony, why don’t you just come clean and admit that you are a fraud and be done with. It will save the residents of this community embarrassment later if you just resign from the Planning Board and your candidacy for the Township Committee now instead of after the election. 

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