The spinning at MoreMonmouthMusings has made me dizzy

I haven’t commented on the spin job being performed by Art Gallagher over at his bog MoreMonmouthMusings lately, other than to comment on the meeting of the Middletown Human Rights Commission last week and what the outcome of that meeting was in relationship to Art’s blog and his controversial use of the “N” word, because quite frankly it has made me dizzy.

The many posts and comments to his blog over the past 2 weeks have done nothing, in my opinion, to foster a better understanding of race. All that it has succeeded in doing so far is to feed Art’s own self important and grandiose impressions of his own self worth and has caused others unnecessary distress. In his attempt to discredit Jesse Jackson for saying he wanted to cut off Barack Obama’s N***** Nuts, he brought the scorn and condemnation of others onto himself.

When critics spoke out against his clumsy attempts at discussing race he has lashed out at them by calling them names or by trying to downplay their concerns because after all, he did his research, as his many postings of on the history of slavery has shown.

It is interesting to note that of Art Gallagher’s supporters the only ones to come forward and show their support are two 20 something year old conservative republicans, James Hogan and Eric Sedler, Hogan being a failed candidate for Frank Pallone’s seat in the 6th congressional district and Sedler who is the Chairman of the Monmouth County Young Republicans (whose only knowledge of race relations is what they learned in the history books), and an anonymous right wing blogger, who doesn’t have the intestinal fortitude, guts or courage to write under his real name. He uses the moniker of Barry Goldwater and is responsible for the trash that is posted on the Voice of Reason. Why hasn’t anyone else come out to lend their voice to Art’s crusade? Probably because they know that no possible good can come of it.

One other of Art’s alleged supporters, a mysterious person called Dwayne, left a very level headed and intelligent comment on the MoreMonmouthMusings blog in response to the post “What does the N-Word mean?” I will admit it was thought provoking.

As it turns out, this Dwayne seems to be none other than Dwayne Harris, the Atlantic Highlands Township Clerk, who has made it quite clear with a letter to the Editor of the Courier, in the printed edition of this week’s paper, that he is no supporter of Art Gallagher or his blog MoreMonmouthMusings.

I also do not see the point or relevance in trying to bring into the conversation controversial Rap or Hip-Hop lyrics other than an attempt to inflame the situation. To make light of or to dismiss Barack Obama’s condemnation of these lyrics as simply a ploy because he is the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee is disingenuous, others including the NAACP have spoken out against these types of lyrics.

I also can not believe that Art, until a few days ago never read the full text of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I have a dream” speech before even starting this conversation. How can anyone talk about race and not ever have read King’s landmark speech? 

As we all know by now, the MHRC has denounce Art’s method of introducing a discussion on race by printing controversial statements that included the “N” word, which has lead Mr. Gallagher to now seek out the Middletown Township Committee and Mayor Scharfenberger at tonight’s workshop meeting.

If anyone is truly upset with either, Art Gallagher, the Middletown Human Rights Commission or Middletown’s Mayor Scharfenberger, then I suggest you show up at Town Hall tonight and make your voices heard on this subject. I am sure that it will be one hell of a show and well worth the price of admission.

Tune in tomorrow for the outcome because I am sure that the spin will make everyone nauseous.

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One response to “The spinning at MoreMonmouthMusings has made me dizzy

  1. Art Gallagher

    Mike,How can I be “spinning” a conversation that I am starting and that I continue to lead?You and your partisan mental midgets keep insisting that this conversation is about my use of the “N-word.” I know you know that I’ve moved way beyond that, yet you and your comrades want to keep the conversation stuck there. Your collective ploy (as well as your private emails) to get me to stop what I am doing will not work, but I do appreciate the little additional attention you are bringing to the conversation.By the way, I understand things are tight for you now, but you really do need to save up for the Huntington Learning Center I referred you to.

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