>Obama to announce Veep by Text Message, Email

>The Obama campaign announced today that it will reveal their choice for the Vice-Presidential running mate sometime between now and the Convention by txt msg & email.

If you want to be one of the first people to find out who Obama’s running mate will be you can Text VP to 62262 or visit http://my.barackobama.com/vp

I am wondering whether or not this is such a good idea,if you want maximum exposure I would think that you should hold a major press conference to make the announcement. If their idea is to build a frenzy of momentum by trying to be hip and relying on word of mouth it may not have the same impact.

The timing of the announcement would be critical for the Obama campaign so I would not expect a running mate to be announce during the Olympics, but that’s my opinion, they may think differently.

Unfortunately, I am one of the last people to find out this type of stuff so I am sure that I’ll wind up getting the information like the rest of you, from the news media hours after it has been announced.

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