>Freeholder D’Amico unequivocally denies MoreMonmouthMusing and Voice of Reason false allegations

>More Monmouth Musings and the Voice of  Disinformation have been going on recently about how Freeholder John D’Amico is calling on Democratic Freeholder Candidate Amy Mallet to be dropped from the party’s ticket this fall and about how Freeholder D’Amico and fellow Democratic Freeholder Barbara McMorrow aren’t getting along, insomuch as that McMorrow is considering not seeking re-election next year because she does not get along with D’Amico.

This interested me so much that I decided to call Freeholder D’Amico to see if there is any truth in these assertions. I got off the phone with Freeholder D’Amico just a little while ago and he made it clear there is no truth whatsoever in any statements that he has ever wanted or sought to have Amy Mallet dropped from the county’s ticket. He also stated to me that there is absolutely no possibility that Mallet will be dropped.

As for the false and vicious allegation that Freeholder D’Amico and Barbara McMorrow do not get along and that he treats her with such disrespect that she would not consider seeking re-election because she can’t work with him any longer, D’Amico stated to me that “I have the utmost respect for Barbara McMorrow as a person and Freeholder and I look forward to working with her now and for many years to come”.    

Freeholder D’Amico added that he doesn’t put any stock in More Monmouth Musings, Voice of Reason or any blogs like it, and he looks forward to working with both Amy Mallet and her running mate Glenn Mason, after their election to the Board of Choosen Freeholders this November.

So to the rumors mongers, who like to spread false allegations about Amy Mallet and others , I can say with authority that they are just that, rumors. 

Amy Mallet will not be dropped from Freeholder’s ticket and there is no disharmony between D’Amico and fellow Freeholder McMorrow down at the Hall of Records

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