>Sarah Palin: You’re No Dan Quayle — and That’s Not a Compliment!

>Michael Russnow of the Huffington Post states that John McCain sold his soul “in the bleakest of hopes that he could convert angry Hillary voters to his cause.”, by choosing Sarah Palin as his running mate.

He goes on to state:

“If he’d wanted to steal Hillary voters and as a double trump show up Obama’s inexperience and match Joe Biden’s fortitude, why not go with someone like Senator Olympia Snowe of Maine, an individualist like he fashions himself who went a bit further and voted, unlike McCain, against Clinton’s impeachment. It wouldn’t have thrilled the conservatives, but where do they really have to go? To Bob Barr, a Libertarian? No, they’d suck in their tummies, take a deep breath and do anything to stop the upstart Obama machine and his lefty running-mate Joe Biden…”

“So in a misplaced manner, he figured he might pick up two birds with one stone and chose Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, a young woman of the far political right who would thrill his flagging conservative base and with twisted logic felt just the fact of her gender would bring alienated Hillary voters (especially women) to his cause….”

“Do we believe that the Hillary voters will be more electrified with a woman who is against all forms of abortion, including rape and incest? A woman, though the daughter of a science teacher, who wants creationism taught in our schools? A woman who, like the Bush administration, is not at all concerned about the human effects on global warming? A woman who objected to the Department of Interior’s listing of polar bears as an endangered species in order to protect the oil drilling companies?…”

“Suddenly, Dan Quayle is looking a lot better. No, I was not a fan and loved Senator Lloyd Bentsen’s comeback to him in the 1988 vice presidential debate when Quayle indicated his experience was similar to John F. Kennedy. It was charming and quite funny when Bentsen said Quayle was no Jack Kennedy. But at least in terms of legislative experience he was. Quayle had been a congressman for four years and a senator for eight years, which, whatever his shortcomings, leads me to my original thought: Sarah Palin, you’re no Dan Quayle — not by a long shot, and that’s not a compliment.”

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