Breaking News: Mallet’s 2003 Campaign Debt Officially Paid Off

Here’s a scoop, you read it here first !

The Asbury Park Press will be reporting that this years Democratic Candidate for Monmouth County Freeholder, Amy Mallet, has officially retired her 2003 campaign debt and the account will be closed out tomorrow.
I just received word of this development from Monmouth County Democratic spokesman Mike Mangan, who said that the Democratic Assembly Campaign Committee (DACC) has made an “inkind” contribution to the Mallet account for the money which was outstanding. 
Mike Mangan said that the ELEC reports will be filed first thing in the morning and that the 2003  Mallet & Gemma account is officially closed out.
This is good news for democrats throughout the county, now that Mallet’s debt has been retired we wont be distracted from the real issues that effect the county. I am sure however, a few republican bloggers will have something entirely different to say about it tomorrow. 
Be sure to read all about it in the APP tomorrow.

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