Gallup: For Every Voter Palin Wins Over, Another Jumps To Obama

A new polling analysis from Gallup suggests that John McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin may have helped him solidify his support among Republican women — but it may have also alienated other voters and made the whole thing a wash for now.

Gallup’s polling finds that McCain support among Republican women has increased from 85% to 90% in the last few days since Palin’s selection. But on the other hand, his numbers have gone down among other groups: He’s fallen by four points among independent men and three points with indy women, and is down by five points with Democratic men and two points with Dem women. So Palin hasn’t really helped him so far.

“Instead, the data suggest that McCain has in essence fought a rear-guard action of sorts among white women of his own GOP base,” the analysis finds, “building their support to a degree even as he was losing support among independents and Democrats of both genders.”

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