TOWN CENTER: Middletown Loses Appeal

Mountain Hill LLC, the developer behind the controversial Town Center in Middletown, won a major victory today in court.

The State Appellate court ruled today 3/2 against Middletown in its fight to stop former State Assemblyman and life long resident of Middletown Joseph Azzolina and his family, from building the Town Center.

Joseph Azzolina and family are the principals of the Mountain Hill, L.L.C. group

I don’t have all of the facts but from what I have heard, the court today handed down a 40 page ruling that agreed on all of the major points of Mountain Hill’s appeal, basically stating that there was a conflict of interest between the township and Mountain Hill.

It seems that the court came to this conclusion because evidence was presented that showed that Middletown had encourage Mr. Azzolina and his family to purchase land and develop it as the Town Center. It was also shown that at one point, former Mayor Joan Smith had done work for Mountain Hill on this project early on in its development.

This story is still developing and more information should be made available in the next few days, but from my understanding Middletown has 20 day to appeal this ruling to the State Supreme Court and by all indications that is exactly what will be done.

Go to the Courier online within the next few days to see how this event plays out.

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