Monmouth County Democratic Candidates are walking the Bayshore

Monmouth County Freeholder Candidates Glenn Mason and Amy Mallet were both out and about the Bayshore this weekend.

Mason and Mallet joined the Middletown Democratic Candidates for Township Committee, Pat Walsh and Jim Grenafege, walking Middletown’s 6th district over the weekend.
The 6th district encompasses Middletown’s Port Monmouth section east of Rt. 36 to the water front.
The candidates  said that they were greeted very positively by residents in the area, who are very upset with the local republicans in control of Middletown and complained about the  condition of many of the roads in the neighborhood, most of which had not been paved in over 20 years and flooding.
Word has it the Glenn Mason and Amy Mallet will be joining Walsh and Grenafege again next weekend walking another yet to be determined district in Middletown 

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