Middletown GOP, Trying to Make an Honest Man out of the "Fibber"?

Melissa Gaffney had a two great posts on her Sableminded blog yesterday about the recent Middletown Gop campaign literature being circulated around town and how the the Republicans are trying to whitewash Tony “the fibber” Fiore’s resume .

“I don’t know what the Middletown Republicans are doing running this guy on such a thin sheet.

Clarification: Just dropping the name “recreation commission” does not give a person any kind of legitimate experience. What did you do while you were on such a commission? List some accomplishments, aside from umpiring baseball games for three months.

Do you know the current budget of your town’s rec department?
Do you know what types of purchases it makes?
Do you know where all the Open Space is located in Middletown?”… 

“Honestly, Tony’s got nothing. Pretty much zero experience with municipal government, an extremely unprofessional resume (30-something and banking jobs based on clubs you were in during college?) . . . You’ve got yourself a “fresh face,” all right.”…

I have to give it to her, I could not have said it any better myself. 
Fiore is a fraud who has questionable credentials at best, he has no practical experience in recreation, has no qualification to be on the township planning board, other than he is a republican who schmoozed his way into the local GOP  by misrepresenting himself as something he is not and he hasn’t attended a single Township Committee meeting.
This is an election that the Middletown GOP can ill afford to lose, and when the “fibber” loses this election, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was kicked off of the planning board then dumped all together from the GOP for his less then honest portrayal himself.


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2 responses to “Middletown GOP, Trying to Make an Honest Man out of the "Fibber"?

  1. Melissa L. Gaffney

    Thanks for the props, Mike!

    Excellent post 🙂

  2. Middletown Mike


    you are always very insightful and usually right on the point with your observations. I only wish that I had your gift for writing.

    keep up the good work!

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