Tony "the fibber" is at it again

In a letter published on-line at the Atlantic Highlands Herald today Tony “the fibber” Fiore is at it again. His penchant for not telling the truth is becoming legendary.

The “fibber” wants us to believe that Democratic Candidate for Township Committee, Pat Walsh, is single handily responsible for the taxes in Middletown being raise due to her work as a member of the Board of Education.
“Fibber” Fiore make no mention that his running mate for Township Committee, Pam Brightbill has voted to raise the tax rate in town the last 3 years by 15.9% !!
He doesn’t make any mention to the fact that the Township Committee owes the BOE $56 million in deferred taxes, which is the real reason behind the BOE increases over the years. 
So tell us Tony, exactly how do you intend to lower taxes in Middletown? 


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4 responses to “Tony "the fibber" is at it again

  1. Barry Goldwater

    Your comment about the BOE taxes going up because of deferral displays a complete lack of understanding of the property tax imposition and collection process.

    Please confirm that this position you stated here today is an official Walsh position.

  2. Middletown Mike

    To answer your question – No, the deferral of school taxes as the reason for BOE increases is not an official Pat Walsh stance!

    It is however a concern of mine.

    As you may or may not know, Middletown starts to collect taxes due the BOE in April, as soon the voters approve of the budget.

    The township then uses that money to off-set it’s operating budget to cover it’s own ass by making it seem as if the committee is doing a good job of keeping the municipal tax rate down.

    If the Township gave all of this money to the school system as it should, the need for increases in the BOE budget would be significantly less. The flip side of this however would be an increase on the municipal side of the budget and no where to place blame for the republicans who have ruled in Middletown for over 20 years.

    The Township currently owes $56 million to the BOE. The sad thing about this is that it is totally impossible to fix the problem unless Trenton intervenes and give permission to wipe out this debt.

    It should be noted that Middletown is not the only township in the state that uses deferred taxes to off set it’s tax rate. It just happens to owe one of the largest amounts to its school board.

  3. Melissa L. Gaffney

    Please confirm? Please learn how to read. Mike never once even HINTED that what he was saying about deferred taxes was something Walsh said. Thus begins the game of putting words into someone’s mouth just to start a riot. That’s a new one, Barry, and I’m disappointed. Don’t distract from the real issue to take away from the fact that Tony is rather ill educated on his figures.

    Why don’t you confirm with Pat yourself? “Official” statements and positions usually say “written by” or “Pat Walsh said,” just for future reference.

    Mike may not be the best with grammar or spelling, but he is certainly sharp when it comes to what’s going on in town, and he knows exactly what he’s talking about.

  4. Middletown Mike

    Thank You Melissa,

    And your right, spelling and gammar was never a strong suit of mine.

    It is a good thing that I do not need to rely on them to make a living the way you do or even a lawyer or judge would for that matter.

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