Trump to appear infront of Colts Neck Zoning Board

A reliable source on the Colts Neck Zoning Board of Adjustment said that Donald Trump will appear at the Zoning Board of Adjustment to ask that he be allowed to build luxury condominiums on the Shadow Isle Golf Course that he recently purchased.

The problem with this however, is that it would require a packaged waste treatment plant that Trump wants Colts Neck to install due to the fact that the township does not have sewerage of its own. 
The treatment plant could cost Colts Neck upward of $5 millions or more to install. 


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4 responses to “Trump to appear infront of Colts Neck Zoning Board

  1. Voice123

    You don’t know what you’re talking about.
    First off, there already exists a state of the art sewer treatment plant at Trump National Colts Neck.
    Secondly, he has no intention of putting up condominiums.
    A simple call to the town would have revealed to you the existence of the treatment plant.
    Perhaps in the future you can report facts, not made up bs.

  2. Middletown Mike

    I will stand by what I was told…

  3. ambrosiajr

    Not to worry Mike, Madame Lillian Burry will take care of The Donald. I would bet there have been talks already about what to do with all that land he wants to develop. I bet that somewhere along the line, Colts Neck Realty will be involved. Just like its involved with the Historic House Tour in Colts Neck that has one of their listings. Nice open house for any realty company. Upwards of 200 people will PAY to walk through her listing.

    Also, guess who’s husband sits on the Zoning Board…yup, you guessed it. Lillian’s. And, guess who’s brother sits on the zoning board…that would Mr. Bennett’s, our illustrious township attorney. Its a nice little fraternity they’ve had going for quite some time now.

    Nice work if you can get it.

  4. Middletown Mike


    I am well aware of Queen Lillian’s little Kingdom of Colts Neck.
    It is as shady as the day is long.

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