Can you wear an Obama shirt when you vote?

I have been receiving a few emails lately about whether or not individuals can wear Obama (or anyone esle’s) T-shirts when they go and vote.

 The answer is yes, you can wear anything you want as long as the person wearing the shirt, button, hat,etc… does not stop and campaign for the person who is represented on the shirt or item being worn. 
The person may be asked to take off or cover up said item by poll workers however, because there may be a 200 ft restriction of campaigning near a voting facility.  
There seems to be an issue with potential voter suppression down south and in black communities throughout the country, people are being told that if they wear such items they will be turned away and will not be allowed to vote.
The following is an example of one of the emails I received:
“Fringe groups on the left and right are tainting the election with false emails and texts, including some recent voting misinformation being sent to blacks in Charlotte and elsewhere.

The message, which has been appearing in email inboxes, on Facebook pages and in text messages, warns voters that they shouldn’t wear any Obama gear – hats, T-shirts, pins, etc.- to the polls on election day. Doing so is considered campaigning, the note says, and is against the law.

Said one message: It’s “a rule they’re counting on us (black people) not being aware of.”

Not so, says Terry Bott at the Mecklenburg County Board of Elections, where workers received about 50 calls on the issue yesterday.

“You can wear anything as long as you’re not stopping people and campaigning,” Bott said.

Bott also says the Board of Elections hadn’t received questions or complaints about any other misinformation schemes.”

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