My thoughts on the Biden/Palin debate

After watching tonight’s Vice-Presidential debate between Joe Biden and Sarah Palin I have to say that I think it was a toss up with a possible slight edge to Biden.

I feel that Gov. Palin scored points for her folksiness and head strong, full speed ahead approach to the debate, while Joe Biden did a great job attacking John McCain and pointing out the differences between the two Presidential candidates.

Palin looked nervous to me at first but settled in and found her comfort zone at around the 25minute mark. Biden on the other hand started off slower and seemed like he didn’t want to come off as to arrogant or pushy. Joe Biden played it cool on a number of occasion when Sarah Palin zinged him.

As the debate went on however, Biden’s knowledge and expertise on foreign affairs had really shown through.

Under the circumstances, PBS’s Gwen Ifell did a credible job of moderating this debate. After all of the talk about her forth coming book about Barack Obama, she must have felt a need to tone down her questioning. Seldom if ever did she ask a follow-up question and she addressed both candidates to answer the same gotcha types of questions.

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