Middletown Mayor Scharfenberger in defiance of Court Order

Middletown’s Mayor Gerry Scharfenberger, in direct defiance of the New Jersey State Superior Court, will be introducing the following ordinance without prior discussions between committee members at Monday nights Committee meeting:

2008-2951- An Ordinance Of The Township Committee Of The Township Of Middletown Establishing A New Active Adult Community Zone, Replacing The Existing Planned Development District Zone And Adopting Appropriate Standards For The Zone.

In a court decision dated Sept. 10, Middletown Town Center developers Mountain Hill, L.L.C., won its case against the Middletown Township Committee and the Township Planning Board. The Appellate Division invalidated the Active Adult Community active ordinances, as well as Middletown’s 2004 Master Plan.

Middletown has appealed this decision to the New Jersey State Supreme Court in hope of overturning the lower courts ruling.

So while this case is in the appeals process, Gerry Scharfenberger has decided to once again, over step his bounds as mayor, and adopt a fast tracted and improper ordinance, that is against the Appellet Courts earlier ruling.

What is he thinking?

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One response to “Middletown Mayor Scharfenberger in defiance of Court Order

  1. RockemSockem

    Scharfenberger is a joke, I hope he is repremanded by the court for his actions.

    How much additional will this cost the us tax payers in legal fees?

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