Recall Effort Against Walsh is Absurd and Meritless

     The Middletown Republicans have certainly scrapped the bottom of the barrel this time. In their desperate attempts to maintain control of the township committee and the millions of dollars they use to enrich their supporters as well as their own pockets, they have slandered their chief rival, Democrat for Township Committee Pat Walsh.
     3 Middletown GOP tools –  James Cody, Anthony Testa, and Kathleen Bjelka have filed an absurd and 100% meritless recall petition against Pat Walsh with the Middletown Board of Education.
     What has Pat Walsh done that is so terrible and wrong that these people have decided to start a recall petition? According to Cody, Testa, and Bjelka, Pat Walsh is single handily responsible for:

     Raising spending and taxes more than any official in Middletown history. For making a motion  and affirmative vote on the High School North cell tower project and  “Pat Walsh 90 percent of the time recommends these motions to the board for vote, as she did with the cell tower, botched turf field and adding the additional assistant superintendents and principals that were not budgeted for,” Cody said .
You gotta be kidding me!  This is just laughable.
     The real reason why this petition was filed in an attempt to discredit Walsh is simple,“MONEY”, plain and simple.
     A recent poll that was taking in Middletown has Pat Walsh and Deputy Mayor Brightbill running neck to neck with the voters while her running mate Jim Grenafege is not far behind.
If the Middletown republicans lose this election by giving up a seat on the committee, the democrats will have control in Middletown for the first time in over 20 years and that scares them to death.
     Middletown is a $65+ million business to the GOP majority, party boss Peter Carton and his law firm has made millions of dollars off of the town through bonding and have put Middletown in debt by some $85 million. 
     T&M Associates, the firm that does the township engineering, has been a big time financial contributor to the GOP over the years and have reaped the rewards by receiving millions of dollars worth contracts over the years (can anyone say Pay-to-Play?). And lets not forget Township Attorney Bernie Reilly, who has also contributed heavily to the Middletown Republicans through the years in order to keep his job.   
     Do Cody, Testa, and Bjelka really think that they can get the necessary 11,150 signatures that would be needed to succeed in their efforts and have them certified? I doubt it, this is pure and simply just an effort to distract the voters of Middletown from  the real issues that are affecting them, namely the poor economy, runaway local GOP spending (16% tax increase over the last 3 years) and an arrogant and non responsive leadership that believes it’s their way or the highway.


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2 responses to “Recall Effort Against Walsh is Absurd and Meritless

  1. BrunswickBoogie

    Heyyy Middletown Mike!

    I too once was a ‘Middletown Mike’ so I linked your site to mine 🙂

    You have a great and indepth understanding the local politics of Middletown, NJ and I appreciate reading your stuff.

    Lemme know if you’d like to publish some national opinion on my site.


  2. Middletown Mike

    Hello Mike,

    Pleased to make your acquaintance and thanks for the good word and link.
    if you contact me at “”
    We can discuss your proposition

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