>The Man Behind the Walsh Recall Petition

>I wonder how many people out there realize that James Cody, the man behind the Walsh recall petition, is the same guy that installed the artifical turf at High School South and lost money on the project because he under bid the project, and who then felt that he shouldn’t have had to bid to install the field at High School North.

When he got around to making his initial opening bid to install the field at High School North, it was one of the highest bids recieved, so the B.O.E was obligated to accept the lower bid from Mondo/USA.

When Mondo/USA defalted on it’s contract, Cody again bid to high for the job but was reward the contract because the winning bidder had a problem with the paper work that was submitted.

Also, this is the same James Cody that ran for a seat on the Middletown Board of Ed. and LOST to Patricia Walsh.

It seems like a case of rotten eggs to me. I think some one should be looking at Mr. Cody a little closer. 

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