>Art Gallagher is a Partisan Hack and I Have the Audio to Prove it

>”Hey Mrs… Walsh I’m uhm, not really in charge of the layout of the website or uhm, you know, necessarily if I can make any changes once I summit it..”

The following audio clip is a message left on the voice mail of Middletown Democratic Candidate for Township Committee, Patricia Walsh’s answering machine a few weeks ago.

This rambling and often incoherent message was left by JJ Sullivan, the supposedly impartial reporter who was hired by Art Gallagher of the MoreMonmouthMussings blog to cover the goings on in Middletown and Keyport.

Out of all the towns in Monmouth County and the bayshore in particular, why would Gallagher feel that it was so important to cover Middletown and Keyport? The answer, Revenge.

Revenge against Jim Purcell and the Courier newspaper for dropping his column in the wake of his infamous “N” word controversy and Middletown Democratic Party leader Joe Caliendo, who Gallagher feels organized his firing from the paper and his censorship from the Middletown Human Rights Commission.

In his misguided angry and angst, Gallagher has allowed himself to become a tool of the Middletown GOP and his once insightful and at times thought provoking blog has been turned into a clearing house for lies and falsehoods about Jim Purcell and his friends, as well as the Middletown Democrats, in particularly Patricia Walsh.

You see, Walsh and her running mate Jim Grenafege are on the verge of becoming the latest democrats elected to the Middletown Township Committee. The Middletown Democrats need only win one seat to gain the majority on the committee for the first time in over twenty years, but to win both seats and a super majority that would mean that they would control
bonding and all that goes along with it (good-bye Mr. Carton), and the Middletown Republicans can’t let that happen no matter what. So, the Middletown GOP entered into some sort of unholy alliance with Art Gallagher, an alliance that I am sure will come back to bite him right in the ass.

The Republicans provided to Gallagher an ancient deposition from a law suit that was brought against Patricia Walsh 10 years ago and settled in 2001. In this deposition Walsh admitted that her legal bills where mounting and that she borrowed money from a friend to help cover her legal expenses. This loan, which has been paid back, has been turned into some kind of “dirty deed” by Gallagher and the Middletown Republicans.

In his attempts to discredit Walsh and the Middletown Democrats, Gallagher hired a reporter, JJ Sullivan, to cover the non-story for his MoreMonmouthMussings blog.

Gallagher handed over to his reporter, the information that was provided to him by officials in the Middletown GOP (Mayor Scharfenberger?), and told Sullivan to make the story happen.

The following audio clip I am told is the one and only attempt by Gallagher’s reporter to contact Patricia Walsh for a comment. While you are listening, please note that Sullivan does not explain why he is calling for a comment or what he will be writing about, just that he wants to talk to her about some allegations. He tells Walsh that she would be able to call him over the weekend, but he had to have the story submitted by Friday night and he didn’t know whether or not he would be able to make any changes to it once it was submitted, which would lead one to conclude that JJ was afraid that Art Gallagher would have editing control over what was finally published.

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