The Smoking Gun Behind the Walsh Recall Petition

If there was ever a smoking gun more obvious then this please let me know.

In their efforts to discredit and slander Middletown Democratic Candidate for Township Committee Patricia Walsh, James Cody, the so-called Chairman of the Committee to recall B. O. E. Member Pat Walsh, and his cronies, Anthony Testa, and Kathleen Bjelka (Cody’s sister) did not do a very good job of covering their fannies.

If the Republicans lose control of the township, they will lose whatever influence they have in town. Hence, a phony recall effort against Patricia Walsh in the middle of her campaign for Middletown Township Committee to embarrass and discredit her in front of the voters.

What is this smoking gun that I have found that proves that the Middletown GOP is behind this meritless and absurd recall petition and shows that James Cody and his friends are but pitiful tools being used by the Republicans in Middletown.

It is this chart (click here  for original) :

The original chart is posted on another’s blog site and is being sighted as one of the main reasons for the recall petition against Walsh,  but that individual does not inform us as to where it came from or who created it, but I will.

This chart came directly from the Middletown GOP. How do I know this? 
It is quite easy to figure out actually, if you call up the properties of the original chart you will find that it was authored by non other than Brian Nelson. 
Who is Brian Nelson you ask? 
Brian Nelson is a long time friend and co-worker of Middletown Republican Party Chairman Peter Carton. Both men work for the same Newark law firm, Gibbons, Del Doe, Dolan, Griffinger & Vecchione. Before moving to Tinton Falls, Nelson was a republican committeeman in town and had a seat on the Middletown Sewage Authority along side of Carton, collecting salary, health and retirement benefits from Middletown. 
For years it had been alleged, that Carton is nothing more than a figurehead to the Middletown GOP and its true leader was Brian Nelson. It had been Nelson’s responsibility to run the daily activities and campaigns of the Middletown GOP over the past few years and with the stunning loses that the Republicans have experienced in the last two elections and control of the township committee in jeopardy, their long time friendship was thought to have come to an end, but apparently not.
So what’s next to be pulled out the “dirty tricks” bag of the Middletown GOP, they don’t have many left and their desparation is becoming evident. It has become obvious the the republicans have no new ideas and do not have the will enough to lead by example.
Instead of addressing the issues that effect Middletown like lowering taxes, which Pam Brightbill voted to raise by 16% over the past 3 years, and cutting the budget because to many of their friends are making a living at the taxpayers expense in Middletown, GOP wishes to distract the voters with a phony recall petition against their main rival and threat to their dominance Patricia Walsh.  

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