Asbury Park Press: Return Holt to Congress

I don’t know what has gotten into the Asbury Park Press but I like what I am seeing from them this week. First Barack Obama, then Frank Pallone and now they have endorsed Rush Holt for a 6th term in Congress, all Democrats!

“Rep. Rush Holt has been a strong, consistent voice for the 12th Congressional District on issues that matter, especially national security, education and energy independence. With the nation facing the worst economic crisis in seven decades, voters should give Holt, a Democrat, a sixth term to help right the ship.

Holt’s incumbency is a major plus in a Democratic-controlled Congress. He sits on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, which deals with a variety of homeland security matters of local and national concern, including port security and the threat of nuclear terrorism.

His background as a physicist, educator and arms control expert serves his constituents well in tackling complex issues methodically, beyond the cloud of partisanship. Holt works to bridge interrelated issues, such as developing a renewable-energy industry as a means to both economic recovery and national security. He was one of the few members of Congress who saw the flawed arguments for invading Iraq and voted against allowing President Bush to divert our military’s attention from Afghanistan to the quagmire in Iraq….

…Holt, who has represented the district ably and with integrity for 10 years, deserves another two years.”

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