>Morning Joe Gets Schooled by Zbigniew Brzezinski on Powell/Obama Endorsement

>Just call him “Zbig the Scar Slayer.” Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski just destroyed Joe Scarborough on his own show and left him speechless and lying bloody on the ground. Scarborough had been ranting and raving for most of the previous segment with Pat Buchanan, belittling the Powell endorsement because of the Iraq War of all things and beating up Obama’s Press guy, Robert Gibbs (again) ad nauseum about how Obama had lied and broken his word on public financing and how they were buying the election and how Sarah Palin with all her years as Mayor of Wasilla (please!) and Governor was more qualified to be President than Barack Obama and he was nothing more than a Community Organizer, and a State legislator with one year in the Senate and blah, blah, blah.

A few minutes before they went to the break, Mika announced that Lawrence O’Donnell had arrived in the studio, so that was a good sign. But when I saw the 80 year-old Dr. Brzezinski pull himself up onto that stage, I knew Joe was in for all he could handle and more. Of course I wasn’t disappointed. When Joe was stupid enough to ask about the lack of experience of Barack Obama, Brzezinski countered beautifully, making the intellectual argument for Barack Obama sound like lyric poetry. He made the case for Barack’s intellect, temperament and good judgment over the unpredictable volatility of John McCain. (I’ll have the video as soon as it’s available.)

Brzezinski points out that Powell’s endorsement shows that Obama’s administration will be a bi-partisan administration, as it must be. He says one has only to look at what Obama has accomplished in this historic campaign and the millions of people he has inspired at this time in history when our nation is mired in this deep and dangerous crisis. He is a transformative figure. Besides, look at the guys who made the worst foreign policy decisions in our lifetimes, Donald Rumsfeld, and Dick Cheney. They had thirty years of “foreign policy experience.” Look what they got us into. Give me Barack Obama’s wisdom any day.

We didn’t hear any more from Joe. He was pretty much knocked out for the rest of the interview. Gotta love it. You just have to hit these guys where they live. You have to wait them out while they rant and rave and go through their little talking points. And when they are finished, you start making the intellectual argument for truth. They’ll end up on the ground with a bloody nose every time.

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