We Are All Creatures of God: Why Should Race Matter?

Since our 2008 Presidential election has been going on for almost 2 years now, I thought I had heard almost every political statement going. About a week ago,a friend told me he heard a mutual friend of ours make a statement that made my blood boil , so much so that I can’t let it pass without letting off steam and venting to my friends and acquaintances. So please bear with me.

The statement was ” I can’t bring myself to vote for a black man”. The statement was made by an educated (completed graduate school) church going person holding a responsible position in their community. In this day and age, after all that we have gone through in this country, how can a native born American make a statement like this?

Since WWll, large numbers of young black men have died in our wars to protect this great country of ours, so we have the right to vote and pursue our dreams. We are all creatures of God, equal in his eyes and in our own. What a sad commentary on our times if after all these years, with all of our blessings in this country, there are still people who can’t vote for a fellow human being just because he is black. And what is even worse, people who are educated and so-called religious.

And so I ask everyone that if in the next 2 weeks you hear someone make that statement, call them on it and remind them they should be voting on the issues, not on a person’s skin color. To withhold a vote because a person is black is despicable, Unamerican and shameful.

Bill Butler
Middletown resident

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