A Message From The Hazlet Democrats

This year, under the leadership of Mayor James DiNardo, the Township Committee has been doing an outstanding job for Hazlet. With the addition of Joe Marques to the Township Committee this year they are energized, motivated, and hard working. Their main focus is to improve the quality of life for Hazlet residents. They are achieving this through a number of efforts to upgrade the Hazlet park system, adding recreational opportunities for our children, and foremost reducing municipal taxes. It has been a long time since Hazlet has had a committee accomplishing this much. There have been many efforts to reduce costs to Hazlet this past year, and numerous more ideas being considered.

The Democratic Administration has been hard at work at controlling costs for the township. There are numerous shared services initiatives and cost control measures underway that have yielded well over $460,000 in savings so far.

• Hazlet currently participates in the Bayshore Consortium, a group of towns in the Bayshore Area, exploring bulk purchase agreements,and shared services.

• In August the Hazlet Sewerage Authority was closed. The billing will now be processed through the Town Hall. This is saving Hazlet a over $200,000 a year.

• The Health Department has been outsourced to Monmouth County. This is saving Hazlet over $260,000 a year.

• The Townships recycling program was changed this year to pick up every 3 weeksinstead of the previous 2 week schedule.

(Click on the chart for a larger view)

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