Fear Grips Middletown

This is no Halloween ghost story.

Fear has gripped long time appointed officials, department heads and their staffs, who roam the hallways of Middletown’s Town Hall. Fear of what you ask? It is the fear of losing their jobs.

In recent weeks many individuals that work for Middletown have been in quiet contact with members of the Middletown Democratic Party, in hopes of maintaining their positions within the township when the Democrats take control after the election. The handwriting, it seems is being written on the walls and they are looking to hedge their bets.

These individuals who wish to remain nameless due to their positions in town and for the fear of retribution, are desperately fearful of losing their jobs because many of them needed to “tow the Republican line“ for so long, that they often allowed their jobs to become politicized.

The real horror story however that many of these people are telling stories about, is of being “Shook Down” for contributions to the Middletown Republican party or to its candidates. It was made clear to them that in order to continue serving the township as appointed officials, department heads or as members of various boards or commissions in town that it would be in their best interests to contribute.

If come January, Democrats are in control of Middletown and these allegations are found to be true then watch out because then, the real horror show will start and heads throughout town may be rolling.


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2 responses to “Fear Grips Middletown

  1. Aimless Writer

    Is that legal? Pay up or you lose your job? Reminds me of the mob asking for protection money. Sheesh! Middletown really needs to get rid of these guys.

  2. Middletown Mike

    your right, it’s not legal. Your comparison to the mob is not far off.The republicans have run things for so long in Middletown that they have forgotten how to act ethically. Hopefully the voter think so too.

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