Food Pantry of Keyport Fundraiser a Great Success Thanks to Mallet & Mason

I attended the food drive / fundraiser for the Keyport Food Pantry last night in Hazlet. The event, which was held at the Shore Cafe was a great success thanks in large part to the efforts of Amy Mallet and Glenn Mason, the two Democratic Candidates for Monmouth County Freeholder.

It was a lively event attended by over 50 people, all of which donated non-perishable food stuffs or contributed monetarily to the Food Pantry,  a SUV full of food was gathered and more than $1500 was collected. 
I recorded the following interview with Mallet & Mason,it’s a little to hear Amy and Glenn over all of the people but it give you an idea how lively and crowded the Shore Cafe was.

Also, a special shout out goes to Leonard Inzerillo who helped to put the event together. It was a special event that tried to give a little back to the community as we head into the holiday season with tough economic times ahead for some of us.


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2 responses to “Food Pantry of Keyport Fundraiser a Great Success Thanks to Mallet & Mason

  1. Alyssa Passeggio

    You must have showed up just after I left.

    It really was a nice event. It was good to see some kindness during the silly season.

  2. Middletown Mike

    Hey Alyssa,

    I’m sorry I missed you.
    I arrived just before 7 and left ~8:15.
    It was a nice event for a good cause.

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