Mayor By Title Only, Scharfenberger Often Misrepresents His Position

Mr. Scharfenberger continuously misrepresents his position on the Township Committee as Mayor.

He is Not an elected mayor by the 67,000 residents of Middletown. 

He was appointed Mayor by the 5 members of the Township Committee.

Middletown’s form of government is a Municipal form of government where a body of five committee members have equal power.

No one person has any more power than another; whether their title is Mayor, Deputy Mayor or Committee member. The board appoints a board head, so called Mayor, which gives that person authorization to sign for the board and represent the board on government matters. Rather than five signatures on an approved Resolution or Ordinance there is one.

Scharffenberger far exceeds these privileges when he endorses candidates while using the title of Mayor.

Understand Scharffenberger was appointed Mayor when he broke a 2-2 tie between committee members, 2 for and 2 against, and voted for himself to break the tie. Thus becoming Mayor of Middletown by one vote; His Own!

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