Matthew Cohen: Candidate for Fair Haven Borough Council

The following is from the Fair Haven Dems website:

The following statement (platform) is a forward looking document. It is the result of conversations with my friends and neighbors and a series of one on one meetings I had with a number of long term residents over the past few months. It evolved out of a series of conversations with my friends and neighbors, some of whom have lived in the Borough for many decades. I found a wealth of knowledge throughout our community and I believe that through better communication with all our residents and active planning for the future, we can improve the quality of life while lowering our taxes in our Borough.

Over the past eight years, I have attended many meetings, questioned our elected officials and spoken both in favor and against various proposals. When I have spoken out, I did so respectfully, without questioning the motives of our representatives or other residents. I have donated my time and legal services to local organizations and I have also volunteered to serve on town committees and boards. I filled out the volunteer forms when available and, several years ago, I wrote a personal letter of introduction to each of the Council members and Mayor, reciting my experience as both as a lawyer and as a member of local Boards (in Teaneck). Without explanation, my efforts to volunteer have been met with silence. Your voices can now be heard. I am now running for Council to serve the Borough and I am asking for your vote.

To read more about Matthew Cohen and where the Fair Haven Democrats stand on the issues click HERE


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4 responses to “Matthew Cohen: Candidate for Fair Haven Borough Council

  1. Taxpayer

    I dare you to post the truth about this guy:

    Matthew Cohen has been to one Council meeting in recent history. The Zoning Board Chair says he has not attended a single Zoning Board meeting.

    He claims to be concerned with Zoning, but when the Mayor formed a committee to examine Zoning issues, which was open to everyone, he never showed up.

    He says he wants the budget online. It already is.

    He says the Ordinances should be online, which is already contracted out to do.

    He wants professional offices allowed on River Road…guess what lawyer lives on River Road?

    Matthew Cohen.

    He doesn’t have the support of FH Democrats, with some prominent ones not even putting up his signs.

    He is a product of the Bergen County Dem machine.

    Meanwhile, Republicans lowered taxes last year, for the first time in years, and with Democrat Corzine cutting state aid.

    Why should we vote for this guy?

  2. Middletown Mike


    I guess we know of one person who will not be voting for him

  3. ifajerman

    M. Cohen would have trouble getting out of his own way. he has no attention span. Just a young lawyer trying to get in on the local municipal lawyer gravey train. Mr. Cohen is an amatuer politician looking for experience. Cohen lacks charisma and after speaking to him you feel like you lost your keys or wallet. Cohen at least make people feel you care.

  4. Middletown Mike

    It seems to me that the Republicans are rather vocal about Mr. Cohen.

    To me that is a good sign that he is doing something right. If other Democrats are not supporting him, then that is to bad. Next time maybe they should be the ones sticking their necks out and run for office.

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