Walsh and Grenafege Complete Walking Campaign and Have a Message for Middletown Voters

Yesterday marked end of the walking the districts in Middletown for Democratic Candidates for Township Committee, Patricia Walsh and Jim Grenafege.

Since September, Walsh,Grenafege and many of their democratic friends and volunteers walked through the township knocking on doors and answering questions from concerned citizens. In all, well over 5,000 doors where knocked on by Pat Walsh, Jim Grenafege and their supporters.

The show of local support from the citizens of Middletown to the team of Walsh and Grenafege has been outstanding. Many of the voices that have been heard from have expressed their displeasure at the seemingly lack of concern coming from Town Hall and the republican majority.

People have expressed their concerns on a wide range of issues from leaf and brush pick-up dates to the need for more police officers in town. A recent rash of brake-ins and vandalized cars, along with the need to spray for mosquitoes throughout district 17 was a big topic of discussion during the walk through the neighborhoods of that district.  

Transparency and the end to partisan bickering by Mayor Scharfenberger and his republican controlled committee were also big topics on the campaign trail throughout the township. 
When the walking was over yesterday, I got Pat Walsh and Jim Grenafege together and asked them what they wanted  most to say to the people of Middletown. 
The following video is what they had to say.

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