Deputy AG on the ground in Monmouth as workers resume inventory

From Politicker NJ this morning comes the following news, it seems that the County Clerk, Clair French needed to stop the counting of ballets last night until she could get a representative from the Attorney Generals office to oversee the goings on. It must be getting hot and heavy down in Freehold:

A Deputy Attorney General is in the Monmouth County Clerk’s Office observing as Superintendent of Elections workers at 5 p.m. again began tallying provisional ballots.

Democratic Party representative Michael Mangan and Republican Party representative Rosanne Scotti also stand in the room with the attorney general’s office representative and the elections workers.

“All of the material they inventory will go to the Board of Elections where two Republicans and two Democrats will count all of the provisional ballots,” said County Clerk Claire French.

The process could take up to two weeks, according to French.

At stake is who wins the Monmouth County Freeholders’ election, Democrat Amy Mallet or Republican John Curley. As of right now, Mallet leads Curley by 18 votes with the provisional ballots yet to be counted.

If Mallet hangs on and wins, control of the Monmouth County Freeholder Board would flip to the Democrats.

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