Glenn Mason says "Thank You"

What an experience it has been for me to have had the privilege to run in the campaign for Monmouth County Board of Chosen Freeholders.

Immediate thanks go out to all the volunteers who gave their time and support to help Amy and myself through this election. There is no campaign without the tireless efforts of volunteers, and I cannot thank them enough. Thanks to my family and life long friends for their unconditional support, and to true and loyal friends like Lenny, Erv and Joe Caliendo who were always there to help organize, motivate and lend their experience. Their support was unwavering and constant. I would also like to thank the Municipal Chairs, the Mayors and Committee people and the Staff at the County office as well as all the Union’s which supported us.

If it were not for Chairman Scudiery, I would never have been given this tremendous opportunity and chance to serve the people of Monmouth County.

It was a pleasure and an honor to make a run for the Office of Freeholder, and without the support from both Freeholders John DAmico and Barbara McMorrow, I am not sure I would have learned as much or made it as far as I did.

A special thanks goes to my running mate and future Freeholder, Amy Mallet. The people of this County are going to see what a brilliant and compassionate person she is as she serves this County. Once again I appreciate the chance I was given, and my only regret is I will not be able to serve the people of this county.

I believe that in future elections, with people like Chairman Scudiery and Chairman Oxley (republican), you will see better run elections with less “DIRTY” politics and more attention on the issues.

In closing, all should know that if it was not for Mike Mangan, County Director who stepped up and tirelessly took over my campaign, I would not have been able to finish as well as I did. I thank you all. I will always remember what a life changing, memorable experience this has been, and the many great friends I have met along the way.

Glenn Mason

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