Monmouth Freeholder Barbara McMorrow: Ask Thanksgiving Day Guests to Bring Donations for Food Pantries

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, many of us are planning what we are going to eat for Thanksgiving Day dinner. However, there are also many Monmouth County residents who are not planning a big dinner on Thanksgiving Day. They are worrying about putting food on the table for their families each and every day.

As liaison to the Department of Human Services for Monmouth County, I know that this year, donations to the food pantries throughout Monmouth County are way down and requests for food are way up. There are many working families who can’t put gas in their cars and food on their tables.

I have a suggestion to make. If you are hosting dinner this Thanksgiving Day, when friends and families ask what they can bring, please ask them to bring a bag of nonperishable food items. The next day, please take the food that you have collected to your local food pantry or the Monmouth Ocean FoodBank.

There is so much for which I am thankful. However, I am most thankful to know that the great generosity that defines us as Americans will inspire each one of us to do whatever we can to help those around us who are in need.

Barbara J. McMorrow
Monmouth County Freeholder

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One response to “Monmouth Freeholder Barbara McMorrow: Ask Thanksgiving Day Guests to Bring Donations for Food Pantries

  1. Caffe-Amante

    Hello Mike
    I’ve put a posting on my blog (What a coincidence – same style) regarding our Donation campaign. When browsing BlogNetNews, I saw this and thought it would be worthwhile to send uyou a note since it’s the same theme – Donations and the holidays.
    Please visit my site to see if you’d be willing to share with your readers. Drop a note if you have any questions..
    All the best,
    Bill Garcia
    Manalapan, NJ

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