Whisper campaign persists despite election

Politico.com’s Andy Barr has written a great article about the persistent whispers about Barack Obama’s birth certificate and whether or not he meets the qualifications to be President. 

He addresses the various groups and individuals that are attempting to have Obama’s election as president over-turned by the Supreme Court, by showing how these people are motivated by their ultra right-wing views and how their claims have been debunked by the facts.

“I think there are just a lot of people who just want to believe it,” said Paul Waldman, who has studied the conspiracy theories over Obama’s citizenship for Media Matters.

Waldman said that like with the claims that the Clintons killed White House Counsel Vince Foster, a certain segment of the population will continue to believe Obama won on illegitimate grounds no matter how often the claim is disproved.

“When something gets refuted there a certain number of people that just won’t believe it,” he said. “If they are predisposed to believe it, refuting it will have no impact.”

For those who believe the story, Obama’s electoral victory is a constitutional and legal crisis of epic proportions that is not being given its fair due in the press or in the courts.”… 

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