NJ and Business, Perfect Together pt. 2: Corzine Signs INVEST NJ Bill

On Tuesday December 9, Governor Jon S. Corzine signed the Invest NJ Bill to help create jobs and make it easier for businesses to make capital investments.

The plan has two components. The first provides a $3,000 grant to New Jersey businesses for each new job they create. That’s a significant help to a business that may be considering hiring a new worker with a $30,000 salary.

The second component provides a grant equal to seven percent of any qualified capital investment over $5,000 up and through January 1, 2011. So if a business needs to upgrades their computer system at a cost of $100,000 we will provide them with a $7,000 grant to help cover the costs.

If your business is interested in applying for one of these grants please contact the New Jersey Economic Development Authority at (609) 292-1800 or you can go to their website www.njeda.com.

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