Bush’s Books: 95 read in 3 Years?

Can anyone believe this? I certainly can’t, it’s just to unbelievable to take seriously.

The presidential point man in charge of President Bush’s legacy project, Karl Rove, wrote in the Wall Street Journal that Mr. Bush has read 95 books in the past 3 years!

However, Rove claims victory in their book reading competition, having read 110.

Writes Rove: “The president lamely insisted he’d lost because he’d been busy as Leader of the Free World.”

Now unless Mr. Bush has read “My pet goat” 95 times I find this highly unlikely. The President would have had to have read nearly six books a month over 3 years to reach the 95 books that Mr. Rove claims the president has read. 
After reading so many books when would have the president had time to read all of those daily briefings or newspapers that he must read. 
 After all, when asked by reporters over the years to name a book that he has read, President Bush has had a hard time naming anything other than the Bible. 
I agree with others on this one, I think that Mr. Rove is just a pathological liar trying to shed a new light on Bush’s legacy.


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5 responses to “Bush’s Books: 95 read in 3 Years?

  1. Melissa L. Gaffney

    He must have been studying “How to effortlessly dodge perilously flying objects” in some of his free time.

  2. Middletown Mike

    I’m sure one of the books he must have read was ” How to be President without really trying”

  3. ambrosiajr

    I think he read “President for Dummies”….

  4. Middletown Mike


    May be it was “Dummies as President”

  5. Mike,

    maybe, as you used above, is one word.
    I don’t have any problem believing that
    President Bush read ninety-five books,
    I often finish a book in a few days.

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