Rush Holt: 2008 End of Year Report

At the end of every year, I send out a report highlighting the various ways a representative can help you. This mailer is being sent to postal patrons in Central New Jersey , but I wanted to provide the online version in advance.

Some examples from the report of how I have responded to various needs that people have brought before me are creating property tax deductions for homeowners who do not itemize on their federal tax returns, obtaining emergency travel papers for a Ewing resident to return home from overseas, securing $240,000 for a job training program at Brookdale Community College to help unemployed and underemployed workers, and hosting a day in Washington D.C. for Central New Jersey first responders to meet with Congressional leaders and Administration officials.

Next year will be a historic one for our nation, as we confront numerous challenges, including an economy in crisis. As we continue to face these challenges, I need to know your thoughts and your concerns. I look forward to hearing from you, whether by phone (toll-free at 1-87-RUSH-HOLT), e-mail, or in person in Washington or in your community.

Member of Congress

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