>NY Times: Inside the Playbook Challenge


If anyone is interested, the New York Times has a neat feature this week, it’s called the Playbook Challange.
 If you register with the Times, you will be able to fill out an interactive NFL Playoffs bracket to test your knowledge and skill at picking the NFL playoff games and the eventual winner of the Superbowl. 
 You have too not only pick the winner of each game but  the margin of victory each team will win by.   
After you complete the form you are issued a unqiue “url” that you can email or display to others so that they can follow your picks     

“The New York Times Inside the Playbook Challenge allows you to pick the winners and margins of victory for each round of the N.F.L. playoffs, including the Super Bowl. Save your picks, compare them with other readers and test your N.F.L. savvy against New York Times reporters.”

If anyone is interested here is my url:

Let me know what you think of my picks and we can compare notes. 
One catch however, registration ends today so don’t wait, sign up fast and lets see how well everyone picks the winners of this weekends NFL playoffs and all then all of the games right through to the Superbowl. 

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