Who Wants Their Piece Of Obamabillia

Honestly, I have just about had enough of the selling of Obama memorabilia. 

From tote bags to champagne flutes to your very own pair of Obama cuff links, you too can own a piece of historic Obamabillia! It is constantly being hawked on every T.V. channel I happen to turn on these days. At what point I ask you does this become tasteless?
Who really needs an $130.00 #44 Obama basketball jersey on it or a cheap $50 cuff link and tie bar gift set anyway? I mean really,who wears cuff links?
But, if you really need a piece of history or think that this stuff will be priceless decades from now the go ahead and shop until you drop:     

The official Presidential Inaugural Store is now open.

In just 16 days, Barack Obama and Joe Biden will be sworn in as President and Vice President of the United States, opening a new chapter in our shared story.

You can own an enduring piece of American history by visiting the official Inaugural Store today.

The Inaugural Store is the only place where you’ll find the official merchandise of the Presidential Inaugural Committee – everything from apparel and artwork to glassware emblazoned with the Inaugural seal.

All items are limited edition and available only while supplies last.

Don’t miss this chance to capture a piece of history.

Visit the Official Inaugural store today:



The Presidential Inaugural Committee

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