Monmouth County Committeeman and Resident of Belford Bob Latsch, Working to Ensure The Quailty of Life in the Bayshore

Bob Latsch is a very active member of the Middletown Democratic Party. He serves as a County Committeeman for Middletown’s district 3, which encompasses the parts of the bayside in Belford. For as long as I have known him, he has been a hard working and an outspoken advocate for the citizens that he represents in Belford.

Mr. Latsch is a constant thorn in the side to the occupants of Town Hall, and because of his actions and advocacy on the behalf of the residents in Belford, he has made their quality of life a little better. Among other things, he has fought for street repairs and for flood drains to be cleaned out. He is tenacious and unrelenting when he puts his mind to a project. His latest endeavor is to have Broadway, a road that is pothole laden and flood-prone, repaired.

The condition of Broadway, in Mr. Latsch’s opinion, is dangerous and should be considered a hazard to public safety. The fact that when flood waters accrue after a heavy storm, the road is nearly impossible for emergency vehicles to navigate and hence creates a serious safety concern to residents, should have been enough for the Township to take action years ago.

Bob Latsch and others, feel that the Township neglects the needs of its residents along the bayshore, in favor of the more affluent who reside in Lincroft or along the Navisink. That is why he has started a letter writing campaign to get his message across to the residents of Town Hall.

The following are two letter that he sent to me, in hopes that I would publish them on this blog. Because of his unselfish efforts on the behalf of Belford residents I am happy to help him out:

In October 2008, over 60 people petitioned the Middletown Township Committee for repair of the deplorable, potholed, flood-prone Broadway. Both T&M Engineers and the township administrator agree, the road’s condition is lousy to say the least.

I spoke with administrator Tony Mercantante, who told me permits would take up to a year to obtain. The roadway, when flooded, prevents emergency services from getting there direct. They have to detour up Main to Port Monouth road, then over Pews Creek Bridge back to Broadway. Lives and property are at stake. Permits be damned, this seems like a stall tactic. These people pay taxes and deserve the same services those in Lincroft get. This repair has been put on hold for over 20 years. The residents and road users deserve to have Broadway repaired now.

No delays, no excuses.

Action Now. Mayor Brightbill are you tuned in? Then turn on and get the job done.

Bob Latsch

Dear appointed Mayor Pamela Brightbill,

Do 60 people or more people who petitioned the Township Committee in October 2008 regaurding the dangerous and deplorable condition of Broadway in Belford and Port Monmouth, mean nothing to you and your predecessor? For over 20 years nothing has been done.

Its been policy to ignore the Bayshore in favor of Lincroft and this emergency is not fancy, its reality. Property and human lives are at stake. Your delays may advance property loss or lives !

Bob Latsch

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