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Middletown’s Scharfenberger to seek 13th District Assembly Seat

This is big news that means there is a huge shake up going on in Monmouth County. I just heard from a very reliable source that Middletown’s Deputy Mayor, Gerry Scharfenberger, will be running for Amy Handlin’s Assembly seat in the 13th District.
How is this possible? It seems that there is a major plan brewing to regain Middletown for the GOP. NJ State Senator and Middletown resident Joe Kyrillos will be seeking the Lt. Governorship on the line with his long time buddy Chris Christie. The plan then has fellow Middletown resident ,Assemblywoman Amy Handlin, seeking Kyrillos’s seat in the State Senate for the 13th district. Scharfenberger will then fill Handlin’s seat in the Assembly.
This is all geared toward getting out strong GOP support in Middletown to elect Steve Massel to the township committee, which would then give the Middletown GOP their super majority once again and silence democratic opposition to their doings in Middletown.
I’ll have more on this later.

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